Dr. Michael Wizer

I am a clinical health psychologist with special expertise in mindfulness meditation. I began my study of Zen and Vipassana meditation as a teenager and started teaching meditation in my twenties, first in a church basement and later at meditation centers. I went back to school to study psychology at the age of 30 where I began to synthesize what I knew of the use and value of meditation with what I was learning about clinical psychology. My doctoral dissertation focused on Jon Kabat-Zinn's mindfulness-based stress management classes. I continue to teach mindfulness meditation in my one-on-one work as a psychologist and in group settings.

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Dr. Pam Lockwood

I am a retired child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist who trained at the University of Cincinnati Medical School and worked in Cincinnati throughout my career. I served as the Medical Director for Wellness at TriHealth Corporate Health, saw patients in private practice and completed course work in functional medicine. My focus is a comprehensive functional approach to brain and total body health using principles of nutrition, exercise, relaxation/meditation, social connectedness and continuous brain learning. I believe that Food is Medicine. I am committed to an educational process which allows people to engage in lifestyle modification which promotes and maximizes overall health.

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Dr. Sheila Cohen

I have worked for over 20 years as a clinical psychologist with children, adolescents and parents. Professional settings have included community mental health, pediatric hospital care and outpatient private practice organizations. My passion is to help children and their parents achieve a resolution and/or be at a better place as they deal with the challenges of anxiety, depression, loss of a family member, behavior problems, social or academic struggles, lack of self-esteem or parental divorce. It has been a privilege to work with children and their parents when they are feeling vulnerable and most stressed and help people move forward in life.